Relax and Slim provides advice, clinics, therapy and consultancy on how to lose weight whilst keeping relaxed and stress free.

It does not matter if you are already on a diet, going to weight watchers, slimming world, arriba or any other slimming club, Relax and Slim will help you become more effective at losing weight.



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Diet Cheats Tricks
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Diet Cheats, Tricks and Dodges
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Advice and guidance on anxiety issues by trained therapists.

Links to download self-help courses and information.

Sleepwise – The Sleep Clinic

Practical help, advice, products and training from professional therapists and suppliers in all matters relating to the problem of getting a good night’s sleep.

Sleep For Life

Amanda Kenton

The sleep for life programme, the only holistic sleep programme of its kind, was developed out of Amanda’s 20 years experience of Feng Shui and Electro-Biology, Traditional Oriental Healthcare and Food Energetics, 3rd Degree Radiance Technique Reiki and Interior Design

Fortis Fitness

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If you live in Monmouth, Gloucester, Cheltenham or Ross on Wye then Fortis Fitness has all the help you need. Free Newsletter